If you want to send me a letter or a package you can send it here:

Message me for the address! For saftey concerns I cannot post my address.

Keep in mind it can take over a month to send me anything, and I heard a story where a volunteer got a package 6 months after it was sent. If it is within 6 months to the end of my service, maybe hold off on sending it. I will be back for Christmas in 2024. 🙂

Some other tips for sending me things:

  • Tell the post office you would like to attach a contact number- and give them my number: +389 71 623 868 (I use this number for Whatsapp, my other no longer exists).
  • Fed-Ex is more expensive but also more reliable!
  • If it’s something small; it’s cheaper to send it in an envelope than in a box.
  • At the post office, they will likely ask you the value of the contents of the package/letter.
  • I have also heard that writing “Peace Corps” can increase the chance of your package being raided (they know we get sweet stuff in the mail).
  • If you send me anything, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can assure you I will be SOOOOO HAPPY upon its arrival.